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Caravan Solar & Batteries Installed at HAE Rockhampton

Caravan Solar Panels fitted now and pay later with interest free repayments. Everything you need from the solar panels to batteries and battery management devices.

Caravan Solar Panels are a good way to keep your batteries charged when free camping or when no power is available. Find Out more from Highway Auto Solar.

Without a good caravan solar system, your chances of getting off the grid and taking the road less travelled are almost impossible. The good news is, once you’ve had your caravan solar panel installation you can run your equipment wherever you go and you don’t need to be paying a premium for a powered site.

Caravan Solar Panels Interest Free Flexible Easy Payment Options

Fix it now and PAY LATER with our interest free easy payment options. Choose from Humm or Openpay options to pay for your repairs and servicing over a period best suited to you.


Most popular Caravan Solar Battery Shop award Qld.

Your caravan, motor home or camper trailer are for pleasure and enjoyment so whether you intend a short getaway or heading off to the centre or doing the loop, it is essential to have an efficient power supply. You may wish to run refrigeration, audio, lights, pumps, phone and laptop chargers, a television or a 12 volt fan. These items determine the size of the system that is right for you. Solar panels are available in different sizes – the larger the panel size or area, the greater the electrical output.

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Caravan Electrical Supply and 12 volt Battery Banks.

caravan and motor homes solar panels Our experienced team at Highway Auto Caravan Services can help you make decisions which will result in stress free and comfortable travel. If it is repairs or an upgrade you need, our team is here to get it done and get you back on the road again fast.

Regular servicing of your Caravan or RV is vital for safety, just like your towing vehicle. If you have just returned from an extended holiday or your vehicle is due for a service, then now is a good time to book your next service. That way you will be ready for your next adventure. Our dedicated and experienced team at Highway Auto Caravan Services are ready to service your Van, Motor home, Tow vehicle or Camper trailer to ensure a safe and happy journey.

How often should I have my RV serviced?

Highway Auto Caravan Servicing recommend two types of service. These being the first service and the annual service. The first service is carried out in the first 12 months or when the caravan or trailer reaches 1000-2000 kilometres. This may be a basic service, but it is an important one.

Once that milestone is reached it’s essential to schedule annual services for your RV. As the name suggest, the annual service should be carried out yearly, or every 10,000 kilometres, whichever comes first. These services are thorough and help prevent more significant damage or delays while you’re on holiday. Don’t be tempted to skip the annual service if you haven’t taken your RV out for a while, even when not in use there is deterioration happening in various underbody areas as well as braking systems.

Caravan & RV Multiple Battery Systems

caravan and motor homes battery bank

How many batteries do I need?

Batteries can be damaged if they are overly discharged on a frequent basis. Common lead acid AGM batteries have a rated cycle life of 500 at 50 per cent depth of discharge (DOD) and more than 1200 at 25 per cent DOD. This means, theoretically, when a battery bank is doubled in size, it will reduce the DOD from 50 per cent to 25 per cent and the lifespan of the batteries will extend more than twice! So what do we get? A battery system that costs less money in the long term and is also larger in capacity to operate more items for longer.

Rule of thumb: If a battery bank goes down to below 12V quite often, it’s time to consider increasing the capacity of the whole bank.

Defining the amount of energy available in a battery is a complex task. There are many things to consider to accurately monitor the state of your batteries; battery age, discharge current and temperature all influence the actual battery capacity.

Highway Auto Caravan Servicing have the latest battery analysis equipment to accurately calculate your battery condition and remaining life.

Your Vehicle Alternator Will Charge Multiple Batteries.

caravan and motor home alternator

Will the alternator fully charge all batteries?

The limitation is that a battery below a remaining 20 per cent charge is effectively dead. Further, it may have a life of only months if discharged repeatedly below about 40 per cent remaining charge. Battery makers typically quote 50 per cent. Thus, if a battery is charged only to 80 per cent and discharged to 40 per cent, only 40 per cent of its nominal capacity is available for use. Batteries in caravans may not even reach 65 per cent charge. However, If managed correctly some of these limitations can be resolved.

The Tricks and Traps of Charging Multiple Batteries From The Vehicle Alternator.

caravan batteries in parallel

What is The Best Method of Charging Caravan Battery Banks?

First consideration is to ensure that all positive poles are common and therefore all negative poles will be common. Voltage measured at the termination of the battery bank should be in the region of 12.5 to 14.5 volts.

The next consideration is to have the correct connection protocol to the vehicle battery and this involves a switching process to isolate the vehicle battery when the engine is not running. Otherwise the caravan electrical load could flatten the vehicle battery.

Next, be aware that the vehicle alternator will charge the fittest battery in the bank first and down the line it goes. If one or more of the battery bank are degraded or close to end of life then they may not receive any charge at all. It is good policy to have all batteries tested for condition and life expectancy before assembling a bank of batteries. Theory has it that all batteries will be charged, yes but only strong serviceable batteries will obey that theory. Battery Changing Management System Tap Here
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Highway Auto Caravan Servicing, offer personal service and quality workmanship guaranteed* for life.

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You can speak with Cathy or Steve who will talk you through any automotive service questions and advice; they are well-informed, patient, professionals. (07) 4926 1303

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